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"Sande went above and beyond to help me.

navigate the sale of, the house. She was on call anytime I had any questions. I consider her a friend now!" July 26, 2021

Victoria Levine

I met Sande at an open house because I was thinking of relocating to closer to downtown Tucson.

Since then she has shown me a few properties and has been extremely flexible and always available by phone or email for any questions I had. I would definitely recommend Sande to anyone who is looking for a Realtor in the Tucson area, as she is knowledgeable about all of the different areas and will diligent in showing you properties you may be interested in. July 9, 2019

Nancy E

Sande was extremely helpful when I was looking for a condo and indeed through to the end of closing the transaction.

She went way out of her way to help me store my furniture, even moving it herself and all with no complaints. On the contrary with a smile and pleasant attitude. It was fun to work with her and to complete my purchase. Thank you Sande. 2.24.2019

Johanna Bell

My agent Sande Bulawa did a great job.

My wife and I enjoyed having her as our "buyers agent". She was most of all a very enthusiastic, friendly, cooperative and thorough keeping us abreast with relevant information. As expected, there were some challenges/doubts in some of our requests to the seller's gent that she was uncomfortable or disagreed with but after careful review and dialog for the most part, we came to a consensus. At closing, other than running into the delay in getting our keys due to lender's oversight in having us sign a document, and issues with the seller, everything went fine. 1/23/2019

Paul & Barbie Sirimongkhon

"Sande is a phenomenal realtor!

She's very kind, helpful, and dedicated. She did everything perfectly and everyone that she worked with throughout the process was very. complementary. I. highly recommend her!" January 16, 2021

Howard Jensen

Ms Bulawa was very responsive to our interests from the very beginning of our search and made our visit to Tucson informative, relaxing and entertaining while sharing her expertise.

She quickly grasped our tastes and interests and came up with a creative idea that we had never even contemplated. She is personable and generous and is well connected and patient. March 30, 2019

Konrad Kaltenborn

I am so grateful to God that my husband and I had the pleasure of working with Sande twice.

She helped sell my husband's home before we got married and buy our first home afterwards. We are so pleased with her help. Sande has excellent. customer service and truly has your best interest at heart. Furthermore, an example of her dedication is when we saw a house on the market and we wanted to see it, unfortunately there had already been a bid on the home and or more bids were going to be considered by that evening. Not only was Sande happy to help us see that house that very same day, IT IS NOW OUR HOME! Sande is very sweet and caring and we would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much Sande B! November 22, 2020

Raquel Diaz

"Sande was absolutely exceptional!

We loved working with her! As a first time home buyer, Sande explained the entire process in detail so we knew what to expect. Her communication was outstanding, anytime we had a question she would have the answer for us or worked tirelessly until she found it. Sande was so patient, touring many homes with us until we found the perfect one. I cannot recommend her enough! She began as our Realtor when we met at an open house and is now a part of our family." September 10, 2019

Erik and Jordyn Carter

Working with Sande has made this process easy for us.

She was patience with us through out our home purchase. In fact, we're going with Sande again in another home purchase. Thank you Sande!!! June 24, 2020

Wendy and Zack Staley

We met Sande 3 years ago when we came to Tucson on vacation.

She kept in touch with us over the years and got to know us, what we thought we wanted in a home and what our timelines were. Once we had dates in mind for our move, she ramped up the communication and kept on top of everything. she is a people person and detail oriented. We highly recommend her for your house search. Thank you, Sande!

Rick & Lori Magnuson

Sande Bulawa is exceptional, enthusiastic, and energetic.

She clearly knows that she is in a service industry. Surely there cannot be a more conscientious real estate agent. She is interesting and fun to be with while driving around and looking at houses. She was good at finding out what features we wanted in our new house. In fact, she helped us define what features were most important to us. Sande is knowledgeable and neighborhoods in Tucson and opened our eyes to a variety of areas we had not considered. When we found the right house, she was excellent at strategizing about the offer and then about all those other buyer decisions to make and hoops to go through October 7, 2020

Twyla Thompson and George Taylor

We were from out of state and met Sande at an open house.

During our search and home purchase process she was very helpful, communicated well with us and essential others. She understood the problems and concerns coming from a long distance as she had gone through the same with her family. She was willing to research and answer our many questions and requests for information. Sande genuinely caress about her clients and is a pleasure to work with. 4/1/2018

Frank and DeeAnn Nielsen

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Sande on the sales of my house and the subsequent purchase of a condominium.

I would strongly recommend hiring her as your agent. She is disciplined and routinely demonstrated excellent follow-though on any idea or request I would present to her. One of the things I really liked about working with her is that she has a very large professional network that she is not shy about leveraging to get things done. You're not just hiring one person, you're hiring her whole team. Lastly, I found Sande to be one of the most transparent , honest and ethical Realtors I have dealt with. You could certainly do a lot worse than Sande but you would be hard pressed to find someone better." April 11, 2020

Dominic & Mel Castelli

Sande is a Realtor that works in the Tucson area, and was instrumental in helping my son and his wife purchase their first home last year.

We know how challenging that can be with a VA loan. I was so thrilled to see her successfully navigate that journey with them! They raved about her, and thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Her honesty and diligence were noted throughout the transaction. She is currently working with my brother, Kevin with his Receivership sales in Arizona, as well. I fully endorsed her with Kevin, as he relies on the most meticulous, excellent brokers to assist him across the country. I believe you will find her to have the highest work ethic, along with the desire to help you find the perfect place to call your home in that sunshine-drenched land! 4/12/2022

Barbara Clark/Managing Broker/Windermere Real Estate/North, Inc.

Sande went above and beyond to make our home sale as easy as possible.

She provided top notch professional advice and guidance while maintaining a constant level of patience and calm. Sande did a lot behind the scenes to make this as low stress and uncomplicated on me and my sisters as possible. I highly recommend Sande Bulawa if you want a home transaction that goes smoothly and uncomplicated. March. 10, 2021

Richard Schaefer

"We are so grateful for Sande.

She truly went above and beyond to help us in our home buying process. She is. knowledgeable, savvy, caring, and trustworthy, all the. traits you would want in an agent. Despite the crazy market, she kept us on track and found us our dream house. We could not have done it without her!" July 8, 2021

Taylor. and Allison Clark

Working with Sande was a pleasure!

She took the stress out of looking for a home and on short notice! Sande is warm and personable, and VERY knowledgeable. Sande listened to our needs, concerns, and must haves, and offered suggestions to consider. She set aside and entire day and took. us to look at a lot of places to consider. At one home, there was a home just next door that was also for sale. We got permission to enter and we fell in love. She is never one to let a good potential find go unnoticed! It's the house that we bought. Sande has stayed in touch with us through her newsletters, and surprises on the doorstep for various holidays. We have called her several times after our sell, for questions that have come up..can. you recommend a plumber, do you know a landscaper, etc. As we said, she is a fountain. of information. We would HIGHLY recommend her. Sande you are very special to us. Thanks for everything you do. You are more than just a real estate agent, you are a friend. November 11, 2020

Nanci and Wendy

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